Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist

Yes, I was a bit skeptical when I heard
BRAVO would be airing a reality art competition.
After watching episode 1 of the Sarah Jessica Parker-
produced series, all skepticism was gone. The
little doses of creativity and watching the artists'
processes are enough to keep me interested —
then there are always the personalities that
come into play with these types of shows.
Episode three was especially enjoyable as the
contestants created new book covers for
classic pieces of literature. Here is the
well-deserved winner of that challenge
(The Time Machine, John Parot). I just
wish Penguin had placed the BRAVO "strip"
somewhere less distracting.


  1. Last week's episode was the first one I caught; but I am looking forward to tonights show. Love that dude who did the piece with the 'electrical fire' on wood.

  2. One of the artists is Peregrine Honig - a local artist in our set here in KC. I don't think she is winning over-all - but she has not been sent home as of episode three - so we are hopeful. She is great on TV. Cute as a button. And I am still a bit skeptical. Not the real art world - but certainly entertaining!

  3. Correct — not the real art world, but great TV.

  4. I was thrilled to have found the show by accident last week...I'm an art teacher so it was right up my alley, one of those blissful 'ahhh' moments (there's so little that grabs me on TV of late), it was fun to watch the process.
    The Bravo logo could *definitely* have been placed in better location...what were they thinking?!?

    Welcome home and thanks again for the great tour of NYC!