Friday, June 25, 2010

NYC Day Five's Theme: Shopping + A Food Cart

We noticed Cortney, Bob, and the Novogratz kids eating
at Cercle Rouge on their Bravo reality show, 9 By Design.
We thought we'd give it a try for lunch. We sampled their
Monte Cristo and Croque Monsieur. Tasty.
Then it was time to start a full day of shopping.
First on the list, another Novogratz spot --
New York City's premier vintage clothing resource.
Photographs were not permitted, but let me
tell you it is worth the trip just to view all
the fixtures. Some brilliant lighting too!
(snagged this undescriptive photo from nymag)
An exterior shot of What Goes Around Come Around
(also via nymag).
Next, the beautiful Ochre. I love this shop's rough-hewn,
but serene aesthetic. I bought an amazing Tatine candle
from their Seasons of Enchantment collection. From
essence lot no. 9 comes Forest Floor -- earthy beyond
belief and smacking of mossy rocks, ferns, and rich dirt.
I love it! (image via nymag)
The next three photos are from a fantastic
little shop in the same area of Soho. Sorry
I forgot the name, but I can tell you it is a
female namesake. We spotted many items
we carry at Finderskeepers Market, but I
loved this chalkboard globe.
This unusual cabinet also caught my eye.
There were several of these wonderful
shadowboxed collage pieces.
The highlight of the day was discovering the
newly opened All Saints Spitalfields. You might
already be familiar with the All Saints website,
but if you are ever in the city you simply must
visit this store. It has to be one of the most
impressive retail concepts I've seen in a long time.
I guess you could call the look Old Time
Industrial Sewing Factory. I call it beautiful!
Just look at some of the shelving. I literally
had a hard time looking at their fantastic clothes.
Want this table! Settled for a handsome
leather wallet instead.
I loved this installation created from
vintage shoe forms.
The forms also act as a backdrop
for their shoe collection.
Vintage stacked spools act as shelving supports.
A wall of sewing machines.
I meant to say a BIG wall of sewing machines.
Later we had tickets to see Leslie Jordan
(Beverly Leslie for all you Will & Grace fans)
starring in his one man show,
My Trip Down the Pink Carpet.
Is there a more likeable man in the world?
After this experience, I think not.
After the show, we decided to enjoy some
nightlife -- and then at 2:30 a.m. found
ourselves at one of the most wonderful
discoveries during this trip so far.
The Kwik Meal Cart. Yes, one of our
favorite meals so far! The Kwik Meal Cart
is one of the most popular in the city. They serve
an interesting mix of Indian, Middle Eastern, Greek,
and Pakistani dishes. Triple-DELICIOUS --
and we didn't regret it in the morning.


  1. I feel like I am right there with you...

  2. Really beautiful spaces. The fixturing really makes the store! Nice photos!