Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have featured our Halo Chandelier ($298) before, but I love how you can change its look just by getting creative with different drops. Here, I have simply attached vintage chair spindles with cup hooks. I think it would be great with vintage ladles and serving forks too. The Edison bulbs ($9 - $24) complete the look.


I just discovered Eloquence and wanted to share a few of the items that caught my eye. I love the scale (118" tall) of these antique European wooden shutters. The worn, black finish perfects the look. These Belgian zinc tubs (circa 1900) make beautiful planters.
Filled with ice, these oval tubs make great drink containers for parties.


Head over to Eloquence and check out the rest of their collection.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More selections from our new space...

The vintage pewter pitcher sold, but there are a few of the latte bowls left ($6 each).

This beautiful antique book press is gone as well. Sorry folks. Cowhide ($398) and industrial ottoman ($169) are still available — but the leather chaise is not. Surpisingly, my floating hornet's nest has not been claimed yet. Guess it just takes the right person.
I have two of these lovely Article 54 lamps ($219). The Manzanita branches and chicken feet candlesticks were swiped early on.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Incredible Vintage Trophy...

This beautiful, vintage Belgian trophy is now available at Finderskeepers Market. $120

On my Birthday Wishlist...

Jennifer Ament has done it again. She is making me swoon with this wonderful falcon inspired by The Royal Tenenbaums.


Jennifer Ament

Monday, March 28, 2011

Yet more photographs from Finderskeepers Market

A small wooden hand mirror creates the perfect base for a tall glass cloche. Beneath the cloche, the Joseph Campbell quote reads... The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. A selection of fabrics from Finderskeepers Market cover pillows for a Belgian Linen Sofa. Vintage spectacles have been getting a lot of attention in the shop. I love the imagery on these vintage carnival-inspired candles. These velvet occasion cards have been embossed with images of rabbits, deer, and greyhounds. An architectural model sits on top of a farmhouse table loaded with hand-thrown pottery and grain sack accessories.
I know I already featured the bed in another photo, but I had to show the wonderful artwork hanging above it.
Two snow owls watch over an antique French daybed.


Once again, please click on these photos to see the wonderful details in the larger versions.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Finderskeepers as promised...

Here's another round of photos from Finderskeepers Market. If you are nearby, stop in and visit us. Don't forget to click on the images to see the larger versions with all the wonderful details. Here, a vintage drum has been repurposed as a side table.

A wooden Santos ($249) watches over a collection of vintage radios ($48). The metal-strapped mirror is $275.

These grain sack wine totes ($24) have such a great hand. Vintage-inspired pharmacy bottles ($36 - $40) are collected on top of a wonderful reclaimed wood console. A peek into showroom-two from our larger main space. In this vignette features include Sydney Hale candles ($22), oversized typewriter keys ($18), Lacefield pillows, and a fun mathstick mirror. Zinc-finished arches ($249 each) hold vintage framed sport photos ($16). The exaggerated wingback chair ($1,250) with the men's suiting fabric is one of my favorite furniture pieces in the shop at the moment. Contemporary marbled art pieces ($98 each) ground this display. Linen bedding is a new addition to Finderskeepers Market. There are many washed, faded colors to choose from — and well as trims and details. Suede Blanc, our favorite scent at the moment, sits on a cool industrial ladder ($240).

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finderskeepers Market's New Location...

OK, here are the images I've been promising — or at least
a few of them. I will be sharing more in the days to come,
so stay tuned to The New Victorian Ruralist. All the images
are of displays throughout Finderskeepers Market at our
new 109 Walton Avenue location is Lexington. Our photographer,
Lauren Flaherty, has once again managed to capture the spirit
of the shop with her photographic talents. I adore this
simple image of a small crock of broken-down pocket watches.
Please click to enlarge each image. We are so proud of the details.
A pair of taloned magnifiers ($68 each) accent Japanese
editions of Mark Twain's works. The books ($500/set 6)
are quite a find. Each is numbered, watermarked
with Mark Twain's name, and includes artwork
designed by Tiffany. The Gilded Age even features
a title-page written in Japanese.
Here is a nice wide-shot of the main showroom.
A selection of frames ($28 - $34) sit atop a hand-felted rug ($68).
If you follow The New Victorian Ruralist,
you've probably seen these boxing gloves before.
We snagged them at the now famous Obscura
in New York City. I loved this photograph, so
I just had to share the gloves ($120) once again.
Lauren brilliantly photographed these birch branch
Tom Collins glasses. I love the landscape effect. The glasses
($14) make beautiful bud vases as well.
A great lamp ($600) from a new line we are featuring
takes center-stage in this photograph. The
tree bark wallpaper creates a handsome backdrop.
The arched reclaimed wood mirror is priced at $198,
and the embossed metal-clad console is $599.
Tiger brances are studded with porcelain
cherry blossoms above an antique cast iron Jesus.
Jesus ($175) was once a handle on a gate
from a Mexican church.
Many, many more images to come.

Theatrical Interiors...

Dripping wax, natural curiosities, vibrant fruit, and
baroque flourishes equal big drama.
I love the "tumbleweed caught in a chandelier" moment.
Intense light invades a moody space.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inspired color...

What a lovely photograph of the rooftops of Brussels.
When I discovered it, I immediately thought of the
wonderfully muted colors on the pillows from Canvas.
The muted pinks, mossy greens, and graphite greys of
the rooftops show up throughout the entire Canvas collection.
Now that I think about it, the whole scene somewhat
resembles the New Victorian Ruralist blog banner as well.
Here are just a few of the pillows now available
at Finderskeepers Market.
Brussels Rooftop via MyMonography
Pillows via Canvas

Monday, March 21, 2011

Recycled lightbulbs...

No doubt, I am stealing this idea. Just fill a
wire basket with dead bulbs and illuminate
from the center with a live one. Just lovely.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mr. Elephant gets dandy...

This fun pillow just arrived at Finderskeepers Market.
Pachyderms and bowler hats — why not?
100% stonewashed linen, 24" square, down-filled / $129

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kabinett & Kammer....

I love discovering modern-day curiosity shops.
Sometimes you really hit the jackpot!
Kabinett & Kammer in NYC is filled with
antiques, natural oddities, and art.
Sean Scherer and Rick Gilbert certainly
know how to hand-pick their wares.
I love the little, stripped buggy.
This beautiful collection of sea fans
creates another fantastic display.
Antique signage, taxidermy, and primitives — oh my.
With so much to look at in this shot, I somehow
managed to zero in on the back of the vintage
rolling library cart. I've been searching for one
for years now.
I love the artist studio feel of the space.
Kabinett & Kammer is located at 174 E. 2nd Street
between Avenues A & B.
Images via Kabinett & Kammer