Monday, March 28, 2011

Yet more photographs from Finderskeepers Market

A small wooden hand mirror creates the perfect base for a tall glass cloche. Beneath the cloche, the Joseph Campbell quote reads... The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. A selection of fabrics from Finderskeepers Market cover pillows for a Belgian Linen Sofa. Vintage spectacles have been getting a lot of attention in the shop. I love the imagery on these vintage carnival-inspired candles. These velvet occasion cards have been embossed with images of rabbits, deer, and greyhounds. An architectural model sits on top of a farmhouse table loaded with hand-thrown pottery and grain sack accessories.
I know I already featured the bed in another photo, but I had to show the wonderful artwork hanging above it.
Two snow owls watch over an antique French daybed.


Once again, please click on these photos to see the wonderful details in the larger versions.

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  1. You could post photos from your shop daily as far as I'm the uniqueness of your items such as the velvet embossed cards, those really are something.
    xo J~