Monday, November 30, 2009

French perfection...

Photo: Gilles Trillard

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Measure with style...

The wonderful blog
is featuring these quirky measuring
cups, currently available at Finderskeepers.
The taller version works great as a vase
for a simple arrangement of flowers or a fun
desk accessory.

Inspirational Photos for the New Year...

I have been pondering many ideas for the annual
revision of Finderskeepers. We always close the entire
month of January while we tackle the big makeover,
attend the January market in Atlanta, and shop
the Scott Antiques Show (also Atlanta). These images
feature a collection of inspirations and ideas I've been
toying with. Notice the casually draped sofa. This
treatment keeps popping up everywhere, and I love it.
Robert Gervais
I wish my plaster walls were more forgiving so
I could experiment with new ways to
hang artwork.
Never too much gray.
Sally Conran
Decorate outside the box. Wwaaaayy
outside the box.
Sibella Court, Interior Stylist
Masculine vs. Feminine — and both win.
Sibella Court, Interior Stylist

Great displays like this one really get my creative juices flowing.

Julie Reed

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Lexington Herald Leader features Finderskeepers...

The Lexington Herald Leader newspaper
featured some of our vintage trophies
in their annual gift giving guide.
This boy scout swimming trophy (sold)
from the 1930's got a lot of attention.
Here is my favorite from our current
collection. It features a great figure
holding a wreath and an inscribed
banner/ribbon on the base.
Here is the treasure(sold)! It is a giant
pinochle trophy from the 40's. I love
its patina against the faded and dried
lamb's ear.
These great hourglasses were also
featured in the gift guide.

A big Thank You to Stephanie Lyell
for taking the lovely photographs and
to Harriet Hendren for featuring
Finderskeepers in the Herald Leader guide.

My current little obsession...

... tumbleweed. Yes, I have some
on the way.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Hampton Home...

My grandparents had a wrap-around
porch, so a porch like this always
makes me happy.
Not very Carry Bradshaw, but
stylish just the same.
SJP's boudoir. Feminine, pretty,
and light-filled.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Work Hard, Be Nice to People...

... and give thanks.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Added to my "Must Have" list...

... numbered postal bins.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm a New Victorian Ruralist...

photograph by James Merrell
According to the December/January
House Beautiful, I am a New Victorian Ruralist!
The found object, atmospheric, layered.
Edison bulbs and smokiness.
Global country, pure, artisanal, handmade.
Miles of linen and tumbleweed.
I think this amazing photo
by James Merrell speaks to
many of those adjectives.

Dwell Bedding...

Both designs currently available at
Finderskeepers. Just let us know
if you'd like to shop the
entire collection.

Gentlemanly Bathroom...

I rarely get excited about bathrooms like I do
with other spaces — but this masterpiece
calls for a little of my attention. Bathrooms
are usually either outdated and neglected
or updated and sterile bores. This clean,
eclectic space beckons with vintage oil paintings,
gorgeous fixtures, industrial storage, and
graphic textiles. Perfect.
See what a sense of play and a neglect
for "what everyone else is doing"
can create. Personality always wins.
Dangar Island Real Estate

Foundry Objects...

Dan Davis repurposed several foundry objects
(like those sold at Finderskeepers) to create a
genius stairway. The hollow-centered pieces
make great mirror frames.
$28 - $44

Friday, November 20, 2009

For Pam Foster...

Interiors from the movie The Holiday (2006) starring
Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black.
I like a lot of things about this eclectic room, but I
especially like that drum table.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanks for shopping Finderskeepers today...

I'd just like to thank everyone for shopping
today. Busy, busy, busy!!! I thought
it was Open House day all over again.
We sure do appreciate our customers!

Oh how I miss Domino...

June 2006 Domino

You just don't see fantastic, daring rooms like
this in any other design oriented magazine
(what's left of them). I love all the artwork
crowded onto the smallest wall in the space.
It is risky — but it sure works. I love that the
floor lamp is bigger than the chandelier.
And everyone knows how much I like
a painted floor.

Michelle Adams, who served as market editor
for the now defunct Domino, has launced an
online magazine called Lonny. Still, I miss
holding the hard copy in my greedy paws.

Ago Laceless Boot by John Varvatos...

Like the Bowery Button Boot I posted before,
this boot looks extremely comfortable and has
a great worn-in aesthetic. I really like the laceless
opening and elastic gore.
The exterior is an Italian reversed calfskin.
Tonal stitching and hand stitched double "V" insignia
on the lateral side. Details, toe and heel are
slightly burnished.
Made in Italy. / $450

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lonely Little Bird — needs to know you are here...

If you are reading the blog — please let me know
you are here. Just click the "comment" prompt after
each posting and leave any little message.
I'd certainly appreciate it.
Little Feet/Naturemandalas etsy shop

Santos Hands...

Usually Mexican, a Santos is a carved wooden figure of a saint.
This tiny pair of Santos hands are currently available
at Finderskeepers. I think they would be great
tied with ribbon and attached to a package
containing a special Christmas gift.
$12 each

Unconventional Christmas Wreaths...

Wreath by Saskia Havekes of Grandiflora.
Unconventional, but beautiful.
Succulent wreath by April Hiler

A Rarity...

... horizontal striped wallpaper.
Amanda Nisbet

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Livable Industrial...

This Ohio home, recently featured in Country Living
magazine, shows how industrial details can still
take part in a warm and welcoming home.
Excuse me for neglecting the industrial elements
in this first photo while I obsess over that
tufted leather chair (accented by a great floor lamp).
I'm a sucker for simple "floral" arrangements
like this banana leaf and antler still-life. That
great little metal cart just punctuates the whole
scene. A natural rug and that great graphic,
grass green Thomas Paul Pillow finishes
things off perfectly.
Where to begin? The stools! The lamp!
That table or file box!
We have a small dentist's stool in the shop
right now that is almost identical to all-white
stool pictured here.
Clean, organized, handsome bath. Check out
that glimpse of cowhide.
Brilliant study. I want it all.

Photos: Country Living magazine

Monday, November 16, 2009

Perhaps the last of the Christmas Open House photos...

Pam Foster's cupcake creations were a tasty hit!
The display was so pretty no one wanted to eat them.
Eventually, they couldn't fight the urge.
More murcury and some funky Cody Foster garland.
I especially like the vintage French postcard tucked in
the mirror. I have a great collection of them
scattered about the shop right now.
Gorgeous white faux bois mirror.
I love vintage team photos — and the stunning
John Derian gift wrap makes for the perfect background.
Antique fishing pole, sold.
Vintage brass reindeer, sold.
We repurposed a giant wisk from an
industrial mixer into a funky lamp (sold).
Photos courtesy of Pam Foster

Still more Christmas Open House photos...

The lovely winter canvas is the perfect
backdrop for mercury chalices and
Wendy Addison ornaments.
My friend Dave Campbell created this perfect bouquet
of roses for our antique leather top hat box.
Wendy Addison angel (sold).
I love this collection of vintage winter photographs.
The frosty winter thorn glasses/votive holders are
one of my favorite items at the moment.
Cheerful felted robins (sold). Copper trimmed antique
trunk, still available.
Pretty white vintage reindeer sit beneath a giant glass cloche.
The mercury ball garland is so unique.
Once again, photos courtesy of Pam Foster