Monday, November 16, 2009

Perhaps the last of the Christmas Open House photos...

Pam Foster's cupcake creations were a tasty hit!
The display was so pretty no one wanted to eat them.
Eventually, they couldn't fight the urge.
More murcury and some funky Cody Foster garland.
I especially like the vintage French postcard tucked in
the mirror. I have a great collection of them
scattered about the shop right now.
Gorgeous white faux bois mirror.
I love vintage team photos — and the stunning
John Derian gift wrap makes for the perfect background.
Antique fishing pole, sold.
Vintage brass reindeer, sold.
We repurposed a giant wisk from an
industrial mixer into a funky lamp (sold).
Photos courtesy of Pam Foster


  1. Holy cow, is there anything left in the shop? Everything is SOLD!!!

  2. Wow, those photos are great, the shop looked wonderful. I really love all the refurbished lamps, very cool!!

  3. That wisk lamp is so cool! Love the photos - everthing looks beautiful.