Friday, April 30, 2010

Beautiful Interior Light...

Correct. This is not an interior shot, but I
had to let this image lead this collection
of magnificent light courtesy of
photographer Douglas Friedman.
Stunning, isn't it?
I like how the light in each of these
photographs seems to tell a story.
The light in this space looks like the
brightness you sometimes get just
before a thunderstorm. The indigo
fabric frames that window beautifully.
Morning light. Coffee in hand.
Excited about what the day will bring.
The wall color looks like Porter's Silver Sword.
I would know — I've certainly used it enough.
A simply made bed and perfect light
creates a welcoming bedroom.
View more at Douglas Friedman

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lucy Kirkman's Christina...

I am absolutely bug-eyed crazy over this piece!
This was just another highlight in Lonny Magazine's
feature on Ashley Putman's Houston home.
Christina, by Lucy Kirkman

Lonny Magazine items at Finderskeepers...

OK, issue 4 has been out for several days —
and boy is it a great one. Look who is on
the cover! It's the extremely talented
Laura Day from my February 14 posting.
This fantastic ostrich wallpaper has already made its way
onto many design blogs, but it is that glass tortoise lamp
that really floats my boat! In fact, we have a set at
Finderskeepers Market right now that looks almost
exactly like this one ($129 each, if you are interested).
Guess what? We also carry the limited edition
canvas panels of this Tracy Kendall designed
wallpaper. We have the spoon, the knife,
and this fork ($175 each, if you are interested).
Also check out page 135 of Lonny. See the melted
rabbit candle with the white base? We have two of
those (unmelted) at Finderskeepers Market as well
($42 each).

Like I said, the entire issue is great.
Check out Issue 4 of Lonny Magazine!

That Dan Marty is something else...

Perhaps you've already read about Dan Marty
over at Tartanscot — still, I couldn't resist sharing
some images here on The New Victorian Ruralist.
Mr. Marty is currently working with
Maison au Naturel No. 819 at 819 N. La Cienega Blvd.
in Los Angeles.
These first six images are from Maison au Naturel No. 819
via their Facebook Fan Page.
What a fantastic display!
Mr. Marty has my number, and he's
calling it loud and clear with every single one
of these amazing shop displays.
Exquisite taste abounds!

The next nine images are from Dan Marty's home.
Mr. Marty's style has been described as
"European Colonial meets California ease."
I see plenty of New Victorian Ruralism
thrown in there too.
Remember my cloche of stacked vintage collars
from our New Year Open House? The idea
shows up here among many other eclectic pieces.
I love the "unfinished" upholstery on the back
of these dining room chairs.
Look at that stack of vintage textiles beside the stairway.
Images via Maison au Naturel on Facebook.
Thanks to Scot Meacham Wood for calling my
attention to this fabulous talent.

Princelet Street...

What a humble little address.
Please click to enlarge and view details.

Images via 1st Option.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fantastic Food Styliste...

Food Porn at its best — courtesy of
Elodie Rambaud.
Look at these little sugared pillows
of loveliness. You just know you'd be
popping them like M&M's.
For Heaven's sake!
Food should always look this pretty.

Remains of the Day...

It's design mashup day here at The New Victorian Ruralist.
I've collected a few stray photographs that have caught
my eye for one reason or another in the past, but just
couldn't seem to make their way into a cohesive posting.
Some of the sources are unknown, some are leftovers
from past postings, and some just involve one small element
that intrigued me. For instance, I like how the fixtures
in this photograph add dimension to the Henry Lepind
painting that dates back to 1883.
I thought the mummified chairs
were interesting. Of course, that floor pulled me
in as well. Source unknown.
Loved the color and finish on the armoire.
Source unknown.
A leftover from my Miles Redd posting.
A nice image from Marie Claire Maison...
and another Marie Claire Maison image I just couldn't
work into a suitable posting.
This image, and the two that follow, are
from Italian Marie Claire. There are so many
great textures in these photographs.

Photograph by John Paul Urizar, a Sydney still-life,
food, and lifestyle photographer.
Cool wallpaper clock (yes, it is a functioning clock).
Currently available at Finderskeepers, if
you are interested.
Children's rooms rarely excite me, but this space is
certainly an exception. Source Unknown.
These images were so small, but I loved what looks
to be Mongolian lamb resting on the seats of
those Ghost Chairs. Image from Atlantis Home.