Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dorte Agergaard...

The home of graphic designer Dorte Agergaard
is filled with amazing textiles of her own design.
With photographic prints of cityscapes, interiors,
and nature — the fabrics take on a dimensionality
that starts to trick the eye, but then relaxes it
into a place of recognizable familiarity and comfort.
The flocked fronds on these curtain panels
bring the outdoors inside.
A duvet and shams are printed with images of creased,
wrinkled, and rumpled fabrics to give the perfect appearance
of a perpetually disheveled bed. Brilliant!
Agergaard has even created a print of her own
window's view for her livingroom curtains.
Now she has the same view regardless if the
curtains are closed or open!
I love the simple pots wrapped in newsprint
sitting in Dorte's Kitchen.
What a lovely entrance.
images via Finnish design magazine Deko.

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