Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Remains of the Day...

It's design mashup day here at The New Victorian Ruralist.
I've collected a few stray photographs that have caught
my eye for one reason or another in the past, but just
couldn't seem to make their way into a cohesive posting.
Some of the sources are unknown, some are leftovers
from past postings, and some just involve one small element
that intrigued me. For instance, I like how the fixtures
in this photograph add dimension to the Henry Lepind
painting that dates back to 1883.
I thought the mummified chairs
were interesting. Of course, that floor pulled me
in as well. Source unknown.
Loved the color and finish on the armoire.
Source unknown.
A leftover from my Miles Redd posting.
A nice image from Marie Claire Maison...
and another Marie Claire Maison image I just couldn't
work into a suitable posting.
This image, and the two that follow, are
from Italian Marie Claire. There are so many
great textures in these photographs.

Photograph by John Paul Urizar, a Sydney still-life,
food, and lifestyle photographer.
Cool wallpaper clock (yes, it is a functioning clock).
Currently available at Finderskeepers, if
you are interested.
Children's rooms rarely excite me, but this space is
certainly an exception. Source Unknown.
These images were so small, but I loved what looks
to be Mongolian lamb resting on the seats of
those Ghost Chairs. Image from Atlantis Home.


  1. baby. baby. baby. can I just come and live inside your head a little while...those were divine...don't worry about that Marie Claire Maison one...."I" will work that into a suitable posting on MY blog...and maybe more of them if you don't mind the blatant theft.

    loving your dark and moody sensibility...

    gawd, am I a stalker? I am, aren't I...

  2. So glad you enjoyed the "leftovers." I guess it's true — sometimes the leftovers are just as tasty and the official meal. I hope you know how much I appreciate your comments here on the blog.