Thursday, April 8, 2010

Camille Soulayrol...

Virtuoso styliste Camille Soulayrol has honed
her skills and now creates some of the most
masterfully simple assemblages
you'll find anywhere.
After her editorial training at Ecole Estienne,
Camille joined Paris Beaux Arts. While working
as a designer, she then started working at
Marie Claire Idees as a writer.
Her love of magincal and dreamlike images
shines throughout her work.
Camille staged this space with some wonderful
papier-mache books.
Texture plays an important role throughout
Camille's work. This photo expertly
proves the fact.


  1. Didn't have a chance to visit for a few days... some great posts in the meantime James! xo Erica

  2. Very talented-and kindred spirit.