Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lonny Magazine items at Finderskeepers...

OK, issue 4 has been out for several days —
and boy is it a great one. Look who is on
the cover! It's the extremely talented
Laura Day from my February 14 posting.
This fantastic ostrich wallpaper has already made its way
onto many design blogs, but it is that glass tortoise lamp
that really floats my boat! In fact, we have a set at
Finderskeepers Market right now that looks almost
exactly like this one ($129 each, if you are interested).
Guess what? We also carry the limited edition
canvas panels of this Tracy Kendall designed
wallpaper. We have the spoon, the knife,
and this fork ($175 each, if you are interested).
Also check out page 135 of Lonny. See the melted
rabbit candle with the white base? We have two of
those (unmelted) at Finderskeepers Market as well
($42 each).

Like I said, the entire issue is great.
Check out Issue 4 of Lonny Magazine!

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