Friday, April 30, 2010

Beautiful Interior Light...

Correct. This is not an interior shot, but I
had to let this image lead this collection
of magnificent light courtesy of
photographer Douglas Friedman.
Stunning, isn't it?
I like how the light in each of these
photographs seems to tell a story.
The light in this space looks like the
brightness you sometimes get just
before a thunderstorm. The indigo
fabric frames that window beautifully.
Morning light. Coffee in hand.
Excited about what the day will bring.
The wall color looks like Porter's Silver Sword.
I would know — I've certainly used it enough.
A simply made bed and perfect light
creates a welcoming bedroom.
View more at Douglas Friedman


  1. Nice post...I am a lighting maniac...I leave my lights off in the house until the last possible moment...then controlled low and highlighting...It's another way to $$$ !!!

  2. i love douglas friedman's work, a big fave with me. and these shots of my favourite place on earth are just lovely.