Thursday, April 22, 2010

NYC in June. Suggestions?

We had such a great visit last Summer, so we are
headed back to NYC in June for 8 days. Always
the consummate itinerary maker, I've got a long
list to edit down in the next few weeks. Before I
start the official list, I'd love to hear your NYC
favorites (food, shopping, etc.). Either post them in
a comment here on the blog, or email them to me at


  1. The most recent issue of Garden & Gun magazine has a great article on some great restaurants and shops in NYC that have a southern flair. Sounded like some great places.

  2. You probably already know about Freemans restaurant in the Bowry, but if not, it's definitely worth the stop. There's a nearby haberdashery and barber shop with the same aesthetic.

  3. I love the Freemans aesthetic! Check out my March 24 posting. We've visited the barber shop and haberdashery, and plan on visiting the restaurant this trip. Are you familiar with Joseph Leonard in the West Village — or Walter Foods, Vinegar Hill House, or Rye in Brooklyn? Those are possibilities on my list as well. Thanks Ragamuffin.

  4. oooh, no, I don't know about the other places you mentioned, but thanks! I'm headed to NYC for two trips in August and will add these to my list!

  5. I think you'd enjoy John Derian in the East Village, (a little ways up, 7th Street and 9th street are lovely strolling streets- if you head all the way far east there's a lovely home goods shop that I can't recall the name of but it's on 9th and Ave A.

    Also, up in the Flat Iron district, I think you'd like ABC Carpet and Home, Fish's Eddy across the street (much smaller and more affordable!) Shake Shack in lovely Madison Square Park and City Bakery on 18th St. Oh, there's so much, I think I"ll send you an email.