Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pieter Estersohn — Interiors...

Pieter Estersohn is a New York-based photographer
specializing in architecture, interiors, travel, advertising
and portraits. He has shot for every A-list glossy magazine
going, but has most often specialized in shooting interiors.
Though the interiors he shoots are filled with wonderful
details, the end-photo is often about the space that
surrounds all those wonderful things. The light in this
particular image is just lovely; that it has such a lovely
floor to bounce from makes it even more spectacular.
Deceptively simple, the elegance in this room
is created through texture, scale, and
once again — beautiful light. I especially
enjoy those chairs and that handsome
floral arrangement.

...and the Heavens opened.


  1. Geez, louise. There are no words for that last image...

  2. Wow! That last room...killer! I would love to see what the outside of that building looks like.

  3. this room is splendid
    so spacious!