Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Cottage Home in... Atlanta

Designer Jill Sharp Brinson states that she is in total
denial about living in a large city. That denial inspired
this 1936 cottage makeover in Atlanta. Brinson's love
of rural settings in evident throughout the home. Here,
the entry features a French limestone floor and a
nine-foot-tall steel door.
Brinson wanted her tub to mimic a trough from
an old barn. Notice the faucet coming directly
out of the wall — and that window!
Proof that you can't always dismiss offerings
from the big-box stores, the mirror is from Target.
I love the pairing of this wing chair and French
writing table. The wallpaper and wood finishes
are great as well.
The windows in this home amaze me. No upper cabinets
were installed in the kitchen to show off the view of the
garden. Peek closer and take a look at the Dijon
mustard-colored slop sink (found online).
One of my favorite details in the home is the
French shutters that serve as closet doors.
Great hardware too!
One doorway in the living room is framed with salvaged
barn beams, the other with traditional wood trim.
The floors are limed ash.
A lovely tabletop display.
Absolute beauty. It is hard to believe this home
sits next to a 20-story apartment building.
A white cowhide becomes a magnificent tablecloth
in the dining room.
once again, House Beautiful


  1. Perfect! When can I move in?

  2. I believe that "wallpaper" is actually upholstered crewel-embroidered fabric. Luscious!