Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not-So-Precious-Metals at Finderskeepers...

Vintage-inspired metal factory basket as shadowbox display.
Zinc-finished Han Horses.
Metal found object — hand.
Metal garden form pendants.
Iron Instant Candelabra.
Iron Instant Candelabras.
Vintage metal garden markers.
Vintage-inspired metal factory baskets.
Vintage Dentist's Stool.
Vintage metal pulley.
Vintage Metal Clockfaces.
Hammered Napkin Rings.
Standing Magnifier.
Vintage Bed Warmer.
Vintage Scissors.
Metal and Crystal Broken-down-chandelier.
Carved Iron Campaign Bed.
Vintage Gravy Boat.
Metal Rose Candlestick.
Vintage Pitcher.
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  1. It's all good, but the hand and the wire form light pendants rule...

  2. Wow you have lots of nice things!!