Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Teddy Boy...

Teddy Boy in NYC makes me want to turn the cellar here
at Finderskeepers into a cool, New Victorian Ruralist,
vintage clothing shoppe.
Exposed brick — check.
Industrial meets rustic aesthetic — check.
Giant Chalkboard for pricing — check.
Passion — check.
Time and Unlimited Energy — Let me get back to you...
I had rad heating in one of my first apartments,
and I still enjoy the way it looks. Accompanying the grey
walls and wood-tones, the whole thing looks my cup of
delicious, hot tea.
Oh yeah, shipping cart — check.

The name refers to the British fashion movement of the fifties,
characterized by Edwardian-style jackets, skinny ties,
high-collared shirts, and waistcoats. The 50's influence
at Teddy Boy is represented by cotton button-downs,
wool coats, motorcycle jackets, cashmere-blend suits, and jeans.

164 Allen Street

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  1. It would be WONDERFUL! I am just LOVING every delightful word and picture of your blog. It truly is one of the highlights of this tired, overstretched SAHM. Thank You. I hope I have the time to stop into FindersKeepers tomorrow. seeing as my husband has the day and can watch the Triplets.