Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eclectic Beauty...

I must, I must, I must acquire that bust — and the
Ferruccio Laviani antler chandelier too!
The cool vintage portraits were found on e-bay.
Inside this Paris flat, the owner focused on details not
touched in decades — and left them that way.
The half grey, half white walls are a common touch in old
French houses. Still, I think they look fresh and modern.
The bleached floors are a nice look as well.
This first shot of the bedroom focuses on some unusual art.
Such tranquility.
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  1. omygosh. where do you find such wonderful things? Yes that bust is terrif, but that whole ROOM is to die. the mirrors (is that a kitchen area?) - wonderful. and the second photo...I need to live there NOW. Enjoyed that very much.