Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crushing on Grace...

Grace Coddington photographed in 1964 by Patrick Lichfield.
A more recent photo via Hanneli Mustaparta.


I finally got around to watching The September Issue
and what a surprising treat it was. I knew that I would enjoy it,
so the surprising part was discovering the inspiration that is
Grace Coddington. I thought the focus of the film would've
been more on Anna Wintour — but now I see that probably
wasn't even possible with her aloof persona. Still entertaining,
I wish Anna had allowed the lens to break through just a bit.
Perhaps not — as I wouldn't have been able to enjoy all the
screen time that Grace acquired.

The film shows just how vital Grace is to Vogue magazine.
As creative director, Grace is the heart, the passion, and
the artistic integrity behind Vogue.

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