Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Symbolism as Interior Design (you must click on the images to view the larger versions — the details are brilliant)

The Delfin & Postigo House via Yatzer is
their first residential project of 2010 — and boy,
what a commanding aesthetic statement it makes.
Brilliant artwork fills this striking Madrid home
owned by fashion designer David Delfin
and photographer Gorka Postigo.
The sleek bathroom features artwork
by Juan Gatti.
Delfin & Postigo's home could be viewed as
inappropriate — or even censored to certain ages by some.
To me, it just clearly defines the artists that live there
in a clear and honest way.
Human sexuality is referenced throughout the home
through artwork, props, and the juxtapositon of
rooms and private spaces.
I love these Charlotte Perriand chairs. The artwork is by Postigo.
As with all great interiors, personality abounds.
photography by Manolo Yllera

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