Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Definitive Aesthetic of Corey Daniels...

The Drakes Island, Maine home of artist
Corey Daniels is curated with his gallerist eye and
filled with artistic passion.
Once a customs warehouse, the 1770's home overlooks a river.
Even in the homes more private spaces, Daniels has
married disparate objects to create intimate vignettes.
An office desk holds a collection of antique Swedish books.
Tired of the expensive Colefax & Fowler wallpaper,
Daniels decided to whitewash over it and create
a more muted atmosphere in the space.
One of Mr. Daniels' drawings becomes
the perfect backdrop for an 18-century
European polychrome figure. The exquisite
object is surprisingly displayed atop a piece
of plywood resting on a cardboard filing cabinet.
Daniels bought the terra cotta bust when he
was only 14. A tree of twisted electrical wire sits nearby.
A bedroom looks more like an art installation.
Mr. Daniels painted dots on a hallway floor where
one of his paintings sits beside a 19th-century
conté crayon drawing
A barn on the property act as a repository for large pieces
and sculptures that may find their way
into the artist's nearby gallery.
A mudroom shelf becomes a collage of
the industrial and agricultural.
images via The New York Times / March 24, 2010

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