Sunday, November 29, 2009

Inspirational Photos for the New Year...

I have been pondering many ideas for the annual
revision of Finderskeepers. We always close the entire
month of January while we tackle the big makeover,
attend the January market in Atlanta, and shop
the Scott Antiques Show (also Atlanta). These images
feature a collection of inspirations and ideas I've been
toying with. Notice the casually draped sofa. This
treatment keeps popping up everywhere, and I love it.
Robert Gervais
I wish my plaster walls were more forgiving so
I could experiment with new ways to
hang artwork.
Never too much gray.
Sally Conran
Decorate outside the box. Wwaaaayy
outside the box.
Sibella Court, Interior Stylist
Masculine vs. Feminine — and both win.
Sibella Court, Interior Stylist

Great displays like this one really get my creative juices flowing.

Julie Reed


  1. When you close in January, are you going to install 500 year old herringbone parquet wood floors?

  2. I appreciate your collections. These images remind me of the objects I've seen in your upstairs display rooms. They show an awareness of surface texture and good design. I think that our homes should be collections of the old and the new. These spaces tell stories about the people who live in them. If you find any shells in your travels let me know.