Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finderskeepers Market's New Location...

OK, here are the images I've been promising — or at least
a few of them. I will be sharing more in the days to come,
so stay tuned to The New Victorian Ruralist. All the images
are of displays throughout Finderskeepers Market at our
new 109 Walton Avenue location is Lexington. Our photographer,
Lauren Flaherty, has once again managed to capture the spirit
of the shop with her photographic talents. I adore this
simple image of a small crock of broken-down pocket watches.
Please click to enlarge each image. We are so proud of the details.
A pair of taloned magnifiers ($68 each) accent Japanese
editions of Mark Twain's works. The books ($500/set 6)
are quite a find. Each is numbered, watermarked
with Mark Twain's name, and includes artwork
designed by Tiffany. The Gilded Age even features
a title-page written in Japanese.
Here is a nice wide-shot of the main showroom.
A selection of frames ($28 - $34) sit atop a hand-felted rug ($68).
If you follow The New Victorian Ruralist,
you've probably seen these boxing gloves before.
We snagged them at the now famous Obscura
in New York City. I loved this photograph, so
I just had to share the gloves ($120) once again.
Lauren brilliantly photographed these birch branch
Tom Collins glasses. I love the landscape effect. The glasses
($14) make beautiful bud vases as well.
A great lamp ($600) from a new line we are featuring
takes center-stage in this photograph. The
tree bark wallpaper creates a handsome backdrop.
The arched reclaimed wood mirror is priced at $198,
and the embossed metal-clad console is $599.
Tiger brances are studded with porcelain
cherry blossoms above an antique cast iron Jesus.
Jesus ($175) was once a handle on a gate
from a Mexican church.
Many, many more images to come.


  1. James: Congratulations on your new shop! It's simply beautiful! I am sorry that I rarely post on your blog, but I wanted to make a special effort to encourage your creative work. I read your blog religiously, and admire your sense of design, and I decided it was time to be more forthcoming. Thank you for your efforts. Unfortunately, I live in West Texas, and will probably never be out your way to visit your shop, but I still find your work inspirational through your blog. Keep up the fabulous work!

  2. I like every picture of your blog: Congratulations for your new adventure