Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Finderskeepers as promised...

Here's another round of photos from Finderskeepers Market. If you are nearby, stop in and visit us. Don't forget to click on the images to see the larger versions with all the wonderful details. Here, a vintage drum has been repurposed as a side table.

A wooden Santos ($249) watches over a collection of vintage radios ($48). The metal-strapped mirror is $275.

These grain sack wine totes ($24) have such a great hand. Vintage-inspired pharmacy bottles ($36 - $40) are collected on top of a wonderful reclaimed wood console. A peek into showroom-two from our larger main space. In this vignette features include Sydney Hale candles ($22), oversized typewriter keys ($18), Lacefield pillows, and a fun mathstick mirror. Zinc-finished arches ($249 each) hold vintage framed sport photos ($16). The exaggerated wingback chair ($1,250) with the men's suiting fabric is one of my favorite furniture pieces in the shop at the moment. Contemporary marbled art pieces ($98 each) ground this display. Linen bedding is a new addition to Finderskeepers Market. There are many washed, faded colors to choose from — and well as trims and details. Suede Blanc, our favorite scent at the moment, sits on a cool industrial ladder ($240).


  1. Oh James, the store is an absolute gem. How I wish I could find something similar around here (unless you want to consider relocating to Manchester, England?) ;)

    The other thing that's most upsetting is that your prices are all so bloody reasonable - I was kind of hoping they'd be so far out of my price range, it wouldn't matter that I couldn't get to your shop but alas, this just makes it even more disappointing (sigh) ;)

    Of course I'm joking, what a wonderful store you have there. Absolutely fantastic finds and wish you all the success in the world xxx

  2. James,

    First, spectacular!

    Second, a question: in your 4th frame, sitting on the lower level of the reclaimed wood console is a long rather Balinese-looking canoe-like vessel. Could you tell me a little more about that item including the age, price and dimensions?


    Flo in Florida

  3. Love your pics and your beautiful shop, James. Best of luck!!


  4. Just visited your shop via the last two posts and it's beyond the wonderful that I knew it would be. All the details and thought that went into every square inch really shows...and I agree with Redlilocks...the prices are so reasonable, I'd be in danger if you were near!
    The large drum side table is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time, and the oversize typewriter keys I well as the chair underneath them, amazing items, you have quite a 'Market" there James, congratulations, and thank you for all the images, Lauren did a beautiful job!
    xo Jessica

  5. Thanks for all of the great images of your shop. Looking forward to more.