Thursday, June 17, 2010

These Roving Eyes...

If you haven't already discovered Jason Hudson's
entertaining blogs — These Roving Eyes and
These Roving Ears — you are definitely in for
a treat. Totally jam-packed with visual and
audible delights, both blogs are bound to
become a favorite distraction.
For now, I am completely captivated by his
portraits of little cottages. Somewhere, on a lake in Canada,
these modest structures punctuate the shoreline with
their promises of endless summers and eternal comfort.
I am not completely sure how Jason photographs, but
I love the effect that he creates. It is almost like we
are looking at a model, a Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
diorama come to life. (Jason, if you are reading, please
share your technique with us.)
These fantastic images are just a taste of what Jason
offers on his blogs. His ears and his eyes are on point
with the clever, the stylish, the delicious, and
the things we long to be (and sometimes are).


  1. Love Jason's these roving eyes. Gave it a shout out on my blog today, too - so much inspiration going on over there and like you say, great photography.

  2. James!
    I'm so flattered. Wow.
    Thank you so much for this lovely entry.

    I will never reveal my secrets. (Photoshop.)
    Funnily enough, I wrote about photos like this (and Mr. Rogers) here:

  3. Jason — you are so very welcome. I meant every word. Keep up the great work!

  4. LOVED the photographs! I could look at those for hours.....Thanks for sharing James! You always have the most creative view.

    Best regards,
    Reynolds Still