Sunday, June 20, 2010

NYC Day 1

We started the day off with lunch at Artisanal, the midtown
house of cheese worship. I had a fantastic lobster salad
with avacado, grapefruit, and a creamy herb dressing.
Randy had a delicious croque madame of ham, egg,
and gruyere. The real surprise was the tasty watermelon
gazpacho with feta and black sesame seeds. For dessert
we shared an apple tarte tatin with a cheddar crust.
Images via Artisanal Bistro.
The Elton John produced Next Fall was next.
The play was fantastic, funny, sad, and believable.
I especially enjoyed Maddie Corman as Holly.
In the evening, after some shopping and the play,
we looked forward to dinner at Tipsy Parson.
The restaurant has a great eclectic vibe. Handsome waiters
and beautiful waitresses certainly doesn't hurt the aesthetic.
I had a frisee salad with country ham, grilled asparagus,
tarragon, and a fried egg. Delicious! We had heard
about their John Cope's sweet creamed corn and buttermilk
chive biscuits -- so of course I got a side of both. That corn!
I couldn't completey pick the recipe apart, but I swear there
had to be crack in there somewhere (and maybe some sage).
Randy had the hanger steak with a spiced pecan vinaigrette.
For dessert, he had the restaurant's signature --
The Tipsy Parson. It was a brandy-soaked almond cake
with vanilla custard, berries, and toasted almonds.
I had the strawberry shortcake made with a cornmeal
poundcake, Bavarian cream, and tarragon syrup.
Time to get some rest now. Big day tomorrow!
Of course I'll keep you posted.


  1. Sounds like you're off to a great start! You boys have fun!

  2. If that wasn't the best first day anyone ever had in NYC...then I don't know what is! Thank you for sharing all the fabulous meals you both had, I've had to read and re-read...all so wonderful! (have to try using crack in my biscuits next time, and sage of course) ;)

    Artisanal is such a beautiful place...right up there with Balthazar's.

    Great post! J~

  3. Yea for vacation! I am home from Paris and recuperating slowly. I am in croissant withdrawal. Have a great time!

  4. babe. savor it all....thanks for dropping us a few tasty morsels....