Friday, June 18, 2010

Whatddya Think?

Gold and grey wool crewelwork rug.
Whaddya think?
Look past the text printed pillows on this
dark linen upholstered sofa. Whaddya think?

Braided cotton zig-zags stitched to
heavy linen panels. Whatddya think?

Panels and rug via Anthropologie.
Sofa via Aidan Gray.


  1. I actually liked the sofa with all the graphics. Makes for great conversation.
    Thanks for sharing James.

    Best regards,
    Reynolds Still

  2. The rug - it's well nice, innit? (reminiscent of tessellated floors).

    The sofa - can't. Okay, maybe I can. Yes, though I don't like the third leg. Puts me in mind of Jake the Peg.

    The curtains - nope.

  3. Like rouge, at first I thought the rug was something else, although I didn't read it as a mosaic but as 19th century encaustic tiles. Either way, it's a winner. The sofa, even with the extra foot, is good, or will be, once the trendy pillows get replaced with something less flash-in-the-pan. The curtains are interesting. They remind me of Schiaparelli's assymetrical branching coral embroideries of the 193Os--not that I've ever seen them in anything except pictures.

    The blog is good.

  4. I really like the rug, the sofa is OK and I like the curtains , sorta ..

  5. Ok, I'm fighting for the sofa! I love the graphics, of course they would be much better if they were made from authentic, one-of-a-kind, antique, European grain sacks. Yes, they are trendy right now, but the authentic antique grain sacks are cost prohibitive to many, hence the knockoffs...