Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vincente Wolf's Garment District Loft...

These images are just a taste of one maginificent loft.
You must visit the New York Social Diary to view
the entire living space. Mr. Wolf's photography
collection is unbelievable. Here, Migrant Mother
by Dorothea Lang sits on a desk from the Bank of France.
The 40's desk chair is French.
The bed and chair were designed by Mr. Wolf and covered
in fabric from VW Home.

Mr. Wolf's sardonic humor certainly came into play during
the NYSD interview and loft tour.

Interviewer: This is just our taste! It's wonderful.

VW: Oh. Well, I’m not very good with room mates ... so ...


  1. What a stunning space...especially the floor!

  2. Hey James,
    Your blog is super nice, I'm really enjoying it. For some reason I just came across it yesterday for the first time. Also thanks for including me in your blogroll!


  3. I adore all of VW's gray upholstered things and that gray tone rug at the end of the bed? yummy...