Saturday, June 19, 2010

J. Crew men's shop at the liquor store...

J. Crew has taken over the old Tribeca Tavern located
for years in a landmark 1825 townhouse. I'm looking
forward to visiting J. Crew's first men's shop at
235 West Broadway at White Street!
Great color on the front doors.
An interior shot via Crabapple.
A striking window display.
Handsome wares here, there, and everywhere.
Oh yeah — some nice looking clothes too.
I especially like this wool herringbone Ludlow two-button
suit jacket made from premier Italian wool via
Lanificio Di Tollegno (est. 1862), one of the oldest mills in Italy.
I also like the nice, casual rumple of this St. Tropez sportcoat.
The Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket is very cool.
The original design was made famous by a certain
iconic 60's actor. Hmmm?
Images 1, 2, 4, and 5 via Kitsune Noir.
6, 7, 8, and 9 via J. Crew.


  1. We have yet to get a J. Crew in Canada.
    This reinvigorates my rage about that.

  2. Okay - Ya Know I LOVE J.Crew,
    I buy so much stuff from them, online mostly.
    BUT - I am familiar with this spot in Tribeca, and although I have wished for it's rehab - I wish it wasn't a chain store like J.Crew. I'm just sayin'. Couldn't you have put a Victorian Ruralist in there?

    Sigh. When is your summer NYC excursion, BTW?

  3. First you have the oool barber shop and now this! So lucky!

  4. Just read about The Liquor Store in the WSJ's monthly magazine {the article was about the CEO of J. Crew} and it sounded very intriguing. Then I pop over here and you've enabled me to learn a little bit more! Don't know if I'll be back to NYC this year, but if I do, I'd definitely want to check this place out. Very cool!
    xx Suzanne

  5. Sher, we arrived late last night!

  6. Goodness...thought you were already there! And I meant "cool" not "oool", maybe that could be a new word though...just a thought. ;)

    Have a lovely time...J~

  7. great concept... they were swarming brimfield... scooping up lots of cool stuff... i bet more vintage concepts to come! have a great day! pam

  8. We don't have J Crew in the UK and geee it's so annoying. This post has only made it harder, but it was all worth it to see those brilliant front doors. Love them.