Monday, June 14, 2010

Divine Reinvention...

McKay Flooring has engineered a way to make flat
boards out of oak Scotch Whisky barrels. Many of
the boards still have their distinctive branding intact.
McKay Flooring
Toyo Kitchen Style's beautiful railway table is made
from old railway sleepers from Southeast Asia.


  1. geez, those floors from whiskey barrels...neat. If I could get a room in those and have one spot where the old lettering is visible - not everywhere - just one spot... that would be cool.

  2. Love the floors! Glad I found your blog. I visited your fabulous store on Saturday and look forward to working with you in the near future.

    I tried to join as a follower, but I am having some difficulties. I will work on that.

    Amy R.

  3. Loved the post NVR! Anything vintage that's recycled makes for great design. The table had a definite rugged manly look, don't you think?! Thanks for sharing.

    Best regards,
    Reynolds Still