Monday, June 21, 2010

NYC. Day 2.

Day 2 and we were ready to revisit some of
our favorites. The East Village is home of one of
our favorite restaurants --Prune.
Lunch at Prune started off with this brilliant chicken noodle
soup. The broth was already rich, but the addition of
peppery sliced radishes, crispy chicken skin, and matzah balls
made the soup extra-special. We were so impressed when
our main dishes arrived, we simply forgot to photograph them.
Sorry folks. I had the pasta kerchief with French Ham, poached
egg, and pine nuts. Randy had bacon and orange marmalade
on pumpernickel. Both were so, so good. It was hard, but we
skipped dessert as we knew we wanted to stop by
il laboratorio for some of their inventive gelatoes.
After sampling the coconut, grapefruit, and pink pepper
gelatoes, we stopped by Upper Rust. This fantastic
East Village shop is loaded with all sorts of interesting
things. No purchases, but we certainly had fun looking.
Upper Rust photos via nyportaits and knack studios.
Obscura came later with its overwhelming display
of antiques and oddities.
This would be part of the oddities.
This painting caught our eye, but its
price tag did not.
Loved this Lindbergh portrait as well.
A corner of Obscura -- just to give you an idea. We did
buy two pairs of 1920's boxing gloves. You'll see those later.
We finished off the East Village with Momofuku's Milk Bar.
If you haven't already heard about Martha Stewart raving
about this place, or Anderson Cooper's Crack Pie addiction --
then let me tell you, this place is the deal! So many decisions,
so we decided to create a little "care package" for our hotel
room. Here's what we included: Birthday Cake Truffles,
Compost Cookie (pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats,
butterscoth, and chocolate chips), blueberry and
milk crumb cookies, and an amazing corn cookie
(made with corn powder and corn flower). Oh yeah--
a piece of Anderson's favorite Crack Pie. Swoon, swoon!
That's for both the pie and Mr. Cooper.
We headed back to our room at the Iroquois
for a little rest and a shower before dinner
at Beppe. I had the "Butcher's Spaghetti" with
crumbled pork, garlic, chianti, rosemary and tomato.
Randy had the Tagliatelle with sea scallops and saffron.
Tomorrow we hit the Flatiron District and see
Kelsey Grammer in the Tony Award-winning
La Cage aux Folles!


  1. James,

    What a great adventure you have had. It is just perfect!

    A giveaway is on my site I hope you visit.

    Art by Karena

  2. I'm so envious of your adventuring! Obscura looks like a good place to spend my life savings...

  3. The food looks INCREDIBLE!!! I vote for the Butcher's Spaghetti. Just for comparison purposes, today I had oatmeal for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, Lean Cuisine pizza for dinner. Wanna trade?

  4. The food looks amazing. Just for comparison purposes, yesterday I had oatmeal for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, Lean Cuisine pizza for dinner. Hmmmmm....

  5. I'd love to visit The Upper Rust...looks like some great pieces are held inside there. Thanks for sharing. Will

  6. Good food and good times !
    I am loving this tiny taste of my old home town.. have fun !
    chau, Candice

  7. Thanks for sharing your adventures!!!

  8. I want to be there with you!!! YUM!!!

  9. Pam, I am sure I've got some catching up to do after your Paris trip.

  10. those curios shops looked amazing! i love new york :) hope you had a fantastic time.