Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm in the mood for Fall...

After viewing Michael Bastian's Fall 2010
collection, I am suddenly and completely
in the mood for cooler temperatures, layers,
and golden falling leaves.
This collection shows a new edginess for
the consumate cashmere connoisseur.
I especially like these love/hate gloves.
And I do love some grey and gold.
Dare I say, it's a little old school RL?
Once again, great unexpected colors
show up throughout the collection.
Wouldn't this be a chic "quick run to the grocery"
getup for the season?
Yes, Bastian's tweeds, plaids, and cords
are still here.
Urban Dead Poets Society?
What a look! Long live the Doc Martens!
It is so much easier for a beautiful
runway model to pull off such bold color.
images via GQ


  1. all beautiful. curious as to what type of skin gloves those are in image 2...and that it lined with shiny paper or glass...very cool effect.

  2. Not so sure I'm with you on cooler weather just yet, I'm still enjoying "less is more"!
    Did like EVERY look that struted down the runway. Most of it was something you could wear on the street without getting the snot beat out of you. As always friend, great post!

    Best regards,
    Reynolds Still

  3. omg- Michael Bastian is just absolutely crazy brilliant. timeless classic lines but re-imagined with such bravado and panache.

  4. Gorgeous collection! And I'm with you. Bring on the cooler weather. Fall is my favorite time of year and I am READY!