Thursday, July 22, 2010

Collaged Walls...

Designer David Kaihoi's small East Village apartment
houses one spectacular bedroom full of creativity,
space saving storage, and fantastic collaged walls.
A trundle bed for his daughter
only comes out at night.
The scale of the handsome antique doors from
Olde Goode Things creates an elevated sense
of space and grandeur.
The tattered, handpainted 18th-century
Chinese wallpaper has been applied
collage-style. In my opinion, the treatment
only enhances its beauty.
images via House Beautiful


  1. Wow that Chinese wallpaper is stunning...very beautiful room indeed!

  2. I thought this was incredible when I saw it in the magazine. Makes me want to find an old, tattered roll of chinoisserie paper and start pasting!

  3. I agree, the battered look adds so much to the space. Neat home tour.