Friday, July 23, 2010

Ellen O'Neill's New York Studio...

Graphic displays.
Sculptural elements.
Benjamin Moore's Linen White creating
a perfect backdrop for a personal gallery.
Plenty of personality.
A snow globe of ivory napkin rings.
An invitation to the perfect nap.
A wonderful easel trick. (Kicking myself for passing
one up this past weekend during our vintage
shopping trip.)
A handsome bar.
The one-room apartment is in a 1920's
Emery Roth-designed building.
One room with a balcony overlooking Gramercy Park,
fireplace, outstanding views, key to park
enticing, right?
once again, via House Beautiful


  1. Ok, so there's a lot to love here. Especially, the art wall and home office space. Thanks for posting, James.

  2. Amazing use of space - love everything about it! That bed looks so, so cozy...great post!

  3. Awesomeness Amazing how so much stuffing such a small place can look so perfect

  4. I like the screen very much but I love the cats on the mantle :)

  5. I loved everything about this studio- it's my style, completely and totally!

  6. This made me want to simultaneously go shopping AND scoot things around! Exquisite! Oh yes--AND live in NYC!

  7. I fell in love with this little studio. One it is on my favorite park in the whole city two it sounds like an ideal place to escape to. I tore the pages out of my magazine and stuck them in my inspiration pile. Thanks for posting..

  8. I loved and lusted over this small apartment studio when I saw it in House Beautiful. The umbrella frame over the mantle is absolutely TO DIE FOR. Wonderful to see the images again. Sigh.