Friday, July 2, 2010

Rose Tarlow and her interior foliage...

Reading the recent spotlight on Rose Tarlow
in the July/August House Beautiful made
me remember these wondeful images from
Veranda. I can't tell you how much I obsessed
over Rose's brilliance in allowing the creeping
vines to invade her interior walls.
Tarlow has a new flagship store in L.A. and
a new showroom in New York — as well as
a new line of home furnishings.

"I'm not a writer. But words and furniture have a lot in common. Both are inanimate. They don't move themselves. Yet they can move you." — Rose Tarlow


  1. Her book The Private House has been an inspiration, and I never tire of seeing images of her home. Thank you for featuring them here. Great blog!

  2. This is one of my favorite "clips" from Veranda in my files...I was so taken with those vines! Thank you for this. Lidy

  3. Vines on internal walls? This shouldn't work, but after seeing these shots of her so does. Thanks for posting!

  4. For a brilliant Rose Tarlow profile visit blog Wreckorated (decked) - i really enjoyed the coverage of Rose Tarlow, Frederic Mechiche and Darryl Carter there - soon Thomas O'Brien.

    Have just found you and love your vision.