Thursday, July 8, 2010

African Sketchbook...

Cape Town's African Sketchbook is a place
where fabric is considered the most important
element of interior design. The most impressive
part is that each piece is painted by hand.
Here, sheet music is blown up against
a background of awning stripes.
Story and color palette are the two building
blocks that dictate each creation.
The artists are the company's foundation.
The artists have no formal art training, but
they do want to work. That desire turns
unskilled labor from nearby townships into
talented and valued artists.
Creators Di and Anne wanted to play a role
in the future of South Africa and its transition
to democracy. South Africa is a country that is
still stricken with poverty, unemployment, and
a large population without a high school diploma.
The London Daily Telegraph calls African Sketchbook's
designs a "through the looking glass experience."
Drama, drama, drama.
This interior shot is from Cape Grace, a 150 room 5-star
hotel with handpainted curtains, upholstery, and tapestries.
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  1. I love them all ! Especially the seat there in the window .. perfect.

  2. The text on the draperies makes me fairly giddy with happiness.