Wednesday, July 28, 2010

James "Ford" Hunniford's Weekend Home...

In Hunniford's Bridgehampton living room, antique
painter's stools serve as cocktails tables. The Early American
nautical buoys are one of my favorite touches in this room.
I am ready to move in.
The Robert Rauschenberg prints in the living room
are beyond dynamic.
Can one pack his bags and type at the same time.
Early-20th-century French diagrams for
light fixtures are displayed in the dining room.
When will breakfast be served?
Watercolor paintings casually displayed on
clipboards hang in a hallway.

With so many great things about this bedroom, where
do I begin? The 19th-century Italian metal bed?
The postman's cabinet? That fantastic Klismos chair?

This bed is going to be so comfortable. I just know it.

Vintage oars hang above antique monastery beds
in a guest bedroom.

If I had to, I guess I could relax here as well.

Photos by Pieter Estersohn for Elle Decor (click to view larger images)


  1. Love the grey sofa, just peaking into the shot in the first picture and the blue and brown striped rug in the last image.

  2. Such quietly effective originality leaves one speechless. JQ

  3. Love,love,love the clip board original!

  4. What a wonderful home. I would definitely like to spend a little more than the weekends here!