Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Voluspa's Moody New Fragrances...

We are proud to introduce Voluspa's new Maison Blanc
and Maison Noir collections. The beautiful new packaging,
with its slender ceramic profile and hinged lids,
has defined Voluspa once again as a leader of the pack.
My favorite from the Maison Blanc collection
is Suede Blanc with its masculine rich cedar
and buttery soft leather combination.
From the Maison Noir collection, I tend to favor
the warm exotic mixture of warm amber, vanilla benzoin,
and Indonesian Patchouli of Ambre Lumiere. A close
second is Vervaine Olive Leaf.
Randy's favorite is Gardenia Colonia, a creamy
velvet of wild, white blooms.
Lichen & Vetiver is for lovers of clean, natural scents.
Its profile includes a springy lichen moss with
clean aqua notes and rich Indian vetiver.
The other three remaining scents available
now at Finderskeepers include Orangerie d' Azahar,
Saijo Persimmon, and Laguna (selling fast).

Each 15 oz. candle is made with natural Apricot & Coconut
Wax and is hand poured.
7" tall/$28

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  1. I love perfume and it can also affect you and your life positively so its better to find the best perfume that will fit on your personality.
    How would you know if the fragrances has a great scent?