Friday, February 19, 2010

Please allow us to introduce ourselves...

Well, the new photos of the shop have finally arrived and
we'll be sharing them soon here on The New Victorian Ruralist
and on our new and improved website. Randy is a novice
web-designer, but I think you'll be impressed with what
he has created. I know that I sure am! I just wanted to
go ahead and share a small sample of the photos taken
by our new friend, Stephanie Lyell. This first image was
one of our favorite non-merchandise images that Stephanie
captured as she shared the day with us. I can't wait
to share all of the other photos with you. Stephanie
certainly captured the spirit of Finderskeepers and I
am so glad all of you that are unable to experience
the shop in person will finally get a taste
of what we are all about.
James and Randy stationed at The Desk.
That's me, James, in the hat. Glowing above us
is that Diane Keaton light fixture I told you about
in an earlier post. Remember the duo she had
hanging above her kitchen island?
One of the coolest chicks I know, our friend Marti, acted
as model-shopper for the day. Isn't she lovely? Isn't
she wonderful? We think so (thanks again Marti).
After the photoshoot, we were famished. Our friend Pam
joined us at our favorite local Mexican restaurant and we
had a blast — even with the David Lynchian cheerleaders
eating in a nearby booth. Holy Carnitas! It was the perfect
conclusion to very fulfilling day.


Keep watching the blog and website for the photos.
our photographer:
our website, still in progress:


  1. Looking forward to it. The first photo is terrific. Use that somewhere!

  2. Thanks for the kind words James - I had a blast doing it! I really wish my cell phone had a camera - I think I missed my Diane Arbus moment with those cheerleaders.......

  3. GREAT photos. I can't wait to see the rest. Yes, Marti, you look gorgeous. Now, can I have that coat?

  4. Great pic of you two!!

    Marti looks terrific (see, I knew you'd find the perfect outfit:))

  5. Thanks for the compliments! The blog looks great! I can't wait to see which ones you post :) Take care!