Saturday, February 20, 2010

New and Old — the way of The New Victorian Ruralist...

Although about 90% of the items sold at Finderskeepers are
new or bespoke, we still love to enchance our installations
with vintage items. This post highlights some images
from our Vintage Labor collection.
(Vintage Team Photo - SOLD)
Another gorgeous image plucked from the same collection.
One of my favorite vignettes featured this
stack of vintage men's collars beneath
a giant glass cloche. (All Collars - SOLD)
The Vintage Labor: Couturier display was one
of our most popular from the collection.
I love the winter backdrop and the way
it dictates the color throughout the entire still life.
This vintage municipal desk is such a great
find ($100.00). As with every industrial stool
that makes it to the showroom floor, this one
is sold. The pairing was fun while it lasted.


For more information on the Vintage Labor
collection or anything you see in these photos,
please contact Finderskeepers Market, Inc.
at 859.499.4200 or 859.913.0611

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