Monday, February 22, 2010

Monique Meij-Beekman...

Don't you just love it when an interior grabs hold of you
and won't let go? Well, Monique Meij-Beekman certainly
has my number with her moody living quarters. Published
in the December issue of Elle Decoration, the photographs
keep calling to me over and over again. Once a bakery,
Monique has converted the structure into her home and
shop with chalky grays, rustic woods, and various natural
elements. Just look at this dining area!
The shop, Voorhaven 7 (also the address), is below
the apartment space. Here, Monique's bedroom features
more of her signature palette and a dramatic headboard
created from a set of sweeping doors.
I adore the plainly-made bed.
Spa-like in its simplicity, the bath features a monolithic
tub, wood textures, and a subtle, relaxing light.
Slubby linen, chalky finishes, branches, stripped wood —
it's like NVR Heaven.
Monastic and austere, the kitchen exudes mystery
with its shocking restraint.
These amazing images were captured by photographer
Jan Luijk for Elle Decoration. For more inspiration,
you can visit Monique Meij-Beekman's talents via

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  1. The color palette in her home is just sublime!! I love everything about this home: the subdued light, the natural materials, the gorgeous patina. This is how I want to live.