Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More from our Vintage Labor Collection...

Vintage Labor: The Bookseller
Vintage books, $8 - $35.
Porcelain Books, $10 each.
Document Notebook, $14.
Flashcard Arwork, SOLD. Brighton & Hove
Lamp, $299. Vintage Clockface, $16 each.
Bibb Lettuce Votive, $9 each.
1939 Vintage Horse Trophy Pitcher, $54.
French Twist Basket, two sizes — $68 and $84.
Standing Magnifier, $22.
Vintage Feather Duster, $79.
The History of Tom Jones: A Foundling, $12.
Vintage Bird Print, $18 each. Organic Bowl, $5 each.
Parisian Lamp, $139. Vintage Desk, $349.
Vintage Black Desk Chair, $75.
Text Art, $98 (custom available).


  1. wonderful. every bit of it. if I lived closer, I would be your shop groupie. guess I will just have to keep visiting virtually. thanks for the peek.

  2. You can be our long-distance shop groupie! Thanks so much for the compliment. We really do appreciate it.