Thursday, February 11, 2010

The House Next Door...

Just look at the beautiful decay. The desk wall is magnificent.
The entire house has that charming Dickension feel.
OK, you know we are having trouble resting our eyes.
What to focus on? The vintage leather seating, those antlers,
that perfectly weathered floor? I'd love to paint a room
using this heavy-bordered approach.
Remember my Erin Martin posting from Monday?
Photo III featured a bedroom with a much more cleaned-up
version of these stripped plaster walls. I do enjoy them both,
though one is definitely more realistic than the other.
Calling all vintage chairs and stools in this photo — line up,
because you are coming home with me.
The mirror? The ladder? The mirror? The ladder?
Most pressing decisions are hard to make.
The outside space features a conservatory and York
stone paving.
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