Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A List of Dark, Black and Moody...

I. A fresh backdrop for our new website homepage
(coming soon).
II. Stairway photographed by Zach DeSart.
Ahhh, the details. http://zachdesart.com/
III. A feast of New Victorian Ruralism photographed by
Ditte Isager. http://www.ditteisager.dk/
IV. Dark and moody with light via Marie Claire Maison.
V. My favorite New Victorian Ruralist fragrance from Diptyque.
VI. Little Josheph Candleholder by Maxim Velcovsky for
Qubus. If these little babies aren't moody enough for you,
I don't know what would be. When the candles burn, they
gradually create whimsical hairstyles that change with
every use. These moody little things can be found at:
VII. Dark made moody by light. I adore this Black
Mercury Glass Table Lamp from


  1. thank you. for all of that. I popped over to Zach DeSart - the high school shots - stunning. I will be back to check out all of these links.

  2. Love the new blog background. Very pretty. Can't wait to see the other changes.

  3. First of all - that stairway? FABULOUS!!!! Second all all - the doll's head candle holders??? Well, I think you know how I feel about those.......