Thursday, February 11, 2010

Readers, let me hear your comments...

Please post your comments — loud and clear!
I certainly enjoy reading them and they make
me feel a little less alone here in blogland.
I know you are reading, but I like to hear what you think.
Just click on the comment prompt at the end of each
posting, or email me directly at:
I am also excited to report the new
photos of the shop will start appearing here
on the blog very soon. Photographer Stephanie
Lyell has done an excellent job of capturing
the spirit of Finderskeepers. I look forward to
sharing the photos and hearing your feedback.
Thanks everyone.


  1. James your blog is the ONLY blog I check every day which is a miracle considering how many are out there. The images you pick and the products and interiors you find just floor me. We must have been mysteriously separated at birth. I love it all and I know what work it takes to post. THANK YOU!

  2. Much love to you Debbie. I appeciate each and every word you've shared.

  3. I'll comment more if you dress up like this chap and walk around Mount Sterling with a megaphone. By the way, I love that you added a photo of yourself to the blog. You look quite pensive. Pondering your next post, no doubt.