Sunday, February 28, 2010

Anthro, why do you call to me like you do?

Battersea Sofette / $2998
I really wanted to use this for a recent job.
Client was indifferent. What was she thinking?
Thomas Paul stuns again!
According to Anthro, great sycamores raise
their canopies on neutral linen cotton.
Buttonwood Curtain / $208 - 268
Wouldn't this make a handsome shaving mirror?
Who's The Fairest Mirror / $148
If only it washed ashore.
Washed Ashore Lamp / $228
Alice, where are you?
Tea Party Candelabra / $398 (ouch!)
Collected Memories Mirror / $698
Collected Memories Mirror, installed.
Rather genius, don't you think?
Look at that detail!
Knotted Vines Shower Curtain / $148

Couldn't resist this little curiosity. Well, at $648 maybe I could.




  1. You can make that bird. Check this out:

  2. i too love the bird--not $648 worth!!! but he is very interesting and i do wander--just what does that key unlock???
    the sofette too is beautiful. I am sure you could do amazing things to and with that piece. thanks for keeping us intrigued with your beauties!!

  3. Did you know Anthro is opening a SECOND location in Cincy, at Kenwood Center (the big mall)? It is going where West Elm used to be.
    I love the tea party candleabra. I may try to whip one of those up with some odds and ends of china...

  4. Shut the front door! Two Anthro locations in Cincy! This is bananas! Do you know when it opens?