Thursday, February 11, 2010

I know what I like — and I like this a lot...

I've always wanted one of these doors somewhere in
my own living space. As a child, our family doctors' office
had one very similar, but unpainted. Not sure
why I remember that so vividly. Apparently I did not
have any tramatic experiences in that office — because
I still want that door.
I simply love the aesthetically nimble wine storage afterthought —
and all the clear glass in that immense cabinet really resonates as well.
Let me at it! Let me at it all!
source: Marie Claire Maison


  1. Here is a comment to keep you company...

    Great trio, I really enjoy your eye there is so much to love here. Gotta have a ladder in the kitchen but only after I get that faucet!

  2. NO!!! It's mine, mine, mine!!! What a dream selection of dishes. You could eat out of a different one every day until you die!!!