Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Single Man DVD release...

If you missed A Single Man while it played in theatres,
Tom Ford's stunningly beautiful debut is finally set for
DVD release on July 6. Not only are the peformances
exceptional, but the interiors are fantastic as well.
Eduard Grau’s cinematography is both gorgeous and effective.
A Single Man centers on a day in the life of George Falconer
(Colin Firth), a gay man working as an English professor
whose world is lifeless without love ever since boyfriend
Joe (Matthew Goode) died in a car accident.
Firth's subtle, but brilliant performance
is the driving force of the film.
Charlotte's (Juliann Moore) home in the film is a sight to
behold. It has an eclectic vibe, but with a strong dose of
Hollywood Regency. However, it is George's mid-century
aesthetic that dictates most of the film. His clothing, his home,
and his car truly set the tone for Santa Monica in the early 60's.


  1. Hey there!
    Want to thank you for your great blog. Very inspiring curation here. I blogged about you and swiped some images that grabbed me.

    Hope you're long weekend has been lovely.


  2. Thanks Jason for the great posting about the NVR on your fantastic blog — very much appreciated. I can't wait to dig a little deeper on your blog. Thanks for that Myles Henry post too. I know I am going to get lost on there. Lots of great stuff to see.

  3. Thanks, James! Feel free to comment, too, even on the old entries, if you feel so inclined. Bloggers live for comments, don't we??

    Yeah, I think Myles' blog is right up your alley. Enjoy.