Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All about the packaging...

Sometimes it is all about the packaging.
created this silk-screened, linen-wrapped box
for a pair of Balthazar cafe au lait cups. Inside,
the cups are nestled in custom printed tissue paper.


  1. I cannot resist products with good packaging! That might explain why I spend so much on groceries... too many pretty glass bottles of french lemonade and shortbread with fancy wrappings.

  2. So true... the best experiences I had while living in Europe were the gifts I bought or recieved... even the simplest chocolates were elaborately wrapped in layers of gorgeousness. i just found you. nice to meet you.

  3. I just did a post that included a snippet of Balthazar's and here you have a snippet too! So crazy when stuff like that happens.

    I hadn't seen their packaging before...it's charming & perfect!

  4. @ 24 Corners — love those glue walls. Balthazar sure has some yummy grub. Looking forward to more of their steak frites during our re-visit in June.

  5. James...thanks for visiting! I've heard that Balthazar's has the best steak frites outside of France...how fortunate you are to have been there (and to be going back!), have a few for me please.