Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New issue of Laura Day Living launches Thursday!

If you haven't discovered Laura Day's bi-monthly webazine,
Laura Day Living, now is the time as she is launching her
summer-themed issue on Thursday, May 27. Laura's
talent truly shines in this Bridgehampton Farmhouse feature.
Where to begin with all this loveliness? For starters,
isn't that the curious owl from the earlier Park Avenue
Flat photoshoot sitting on the mantle? In additon,
the caramel leather is absolutely delicious.
All the fresh color really defines the carefree, warm weather
attitude in this latest issue. Make sure you are clicking
on these photos to view the detail in the larger versions.
For instance, notice the collection of butterflies punctuating
this summertime hangout space.
Classic, modern, pure — Laura Day's clear
perspective is all over this serene bedroom.
Check out Laura Day Living for all the gorgeous
photographs of this project. While you're there, enjoy all
the latest features that bring Laura's insider tips home...
one room at a time. One last thing — a new NEWS
section has been added with weekly picks and tips.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks James!

    To all of your loyal followers-We go live around 11:00am so keep an eye on the time and check our new issue for a COLOR explosion. :)

    -Laura Day